About Us


Our Team Left to right: Ayomide (Secretary), Elzbieta (Trustee), Nicole (Vice Chair), Harneet (Trustee), Avni (Chair), Navneet (Marketing)

We are a group of young people striving to make a difference

Ambulance Youth Supporters for the West Midlands has been founded in order to not only fundraise for ASBF charity, which supports paramedics in need, but to also get other young people involved and in ‘the know’.

We give young people an opportunity to get involved. 

We believe that supporting such a cause is a good way for young people to ‘give back’. It also is a great opportunity for them to find out more about the career of a paramedic, which is a chance not all of them get.

We do all we can to make this possible.

Pairing up with ASBF has other advantages besides allowing us to ‘do good’. The charity is run by a number of people including paramedics and ex-paramedics. This gives us a great source of information and insight into the career. They hold a valuable source of experience that can not be found elsewhere on the internet.

Besides all this, we also provide other ‘extra bits’ of information that are vital but often missed out by schools and colleges. One of them is First Aid introduction, something that every person should have access to learning.


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