Join a life support course

We believe that it is important for every young person to understand the procedures of Basic Life support. Understanding them has proven to safe lives.

Every school should be able to provide their students with such knowledge, unfortunately we understand that this is not always the case. To help out we have gathered together a number of publications and apps out there that already provide such information. Why not check them out and save a life?




PlayStore: Resus Algorithms by SUBJECTIVE EFFECT

St John Ambulance First Aid

AppStore: St John Ambulance First Aid

A helpful tip for CPR

Chest compressions have to be done to the depth of 5-6cm and at the speed of 100-120 per minute. To get the speed right you can sing the song ‘Stayin’ alive’ . It really does help people stay alive.



Performing chest compressions to the rhythm of the song but ignoring the correct depth will not help. Always remember to do perform chest compressions effectively!


Want a first aid qualification? There are courses available at a reasonable price.  



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